The True Cost of Skincare

So what did you buy?

Wow, it looks amazing, the wrapping is so pretty, the gold embossed writing is classy, the cardboard ‘nest’ holding that little jar screams protection and the contents must be incredible because that amazing actress/model/singer advertises it!

How much? For all that, it’s a steal; isn’t it?

Now let’s think about this without the rose tinted glasses… The contents are good, the cream is light, non-greasy and smells delicate, even the results are pretty damn good, BUT, (and this is the crutch of the matter) you’re throwing the packaging away, adding to the mountain of waste, the cost was passed onto the customer (YOU) and the endorsement by the actress/model/singer also came at a premium, one you’ve also paid for in part. Of course the company selling the product has to make a profit over and above the manufacturing costs, but if a product is good should it not sell itself on reputation rather than inflated expectation?

The simple fact is you wanted the cream, maybe you really needed it, it’s good, but its cost is highly inflated by the expensive advertising and packaging that ultimately drew you to it!

The product could be anything. It may come with a £50 ticket and you may actually feel it’s worth the hefty price tag, but is the £80 or the £150 cream really any better than the one that costs as little as £25 or £30, is it really worth the extra cost just for the prestige packaging and the big brand name?

The truth behind skincare is that if it is carefully made, with quality ingredients and is effective for the job you want it to do, then the price paid should reflect the product and not the ‘extras’ which ultimately provide no added value. It should make you feel good about yourself, solve a problem or prevent one, cleanse, moisturise or whatever it is meant to do, but let’s be honest, it should not cost the earth!

There are so many great products to choose from and often trial and error is the only way to decide, which one is right for your skin type, but in such a busy market place suitability, effectiveness and honesty should always speak louder than a few fancy marketing tricks that take your hard earned cash. The bottom line is simple, great skincare should be affordable and its price should reflect that and nothing else.

At TrèsNaturel  we believe our products are good enough to stand on their own, we don’t sell boxes, ribbons, gold embossed frippery or any other throw away materials, our bottles and jars are all recyclable and we even up-cycle our parcels and labels so you only pay for the products you buy; why would you want it any other way.

16. May 2017 by TrèsNaturel Jayne
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My Psoriasis Hell

Leg with psoriasis

It started after I had my first child 38 yrs ago. It was an extremely stressful time and during her first year I ended up with a grazed leg (after I fell off my motorbike) which never healed. From then on I had psoriasis and I felt like a leper. I hated anyone seeing my arms and legs they where so scabby looking I just wanted to hide. It was on my scalp, in my eyebrows, on my hands and I had spots over my back and front. The only blessing (if I can call it that) was mine didn’t itch. It formed thick scales and flaked off leaving a trail over clothes, bedding and furniture: Disgusting!

Years went by, numerous trips to the Dr’s, UV treatment and steroid cream that turned my clothes and bedding a horrid dark brown, staining it permanently! I couldn’t wear skirts, well not without 60 denier tights, not a good look at any time and a no no in the summer. I never went swimming and T shirts were out.

The knock on effect of psoriasis for me was no holidays abroad, how can you lie round a pool top to toe in thick clothing? Even my daughter didn’t know I had it, I was that embarrassed I made sure it was never on show; ever.

The knock on affect was horrendous, it stopped me doing so many things and even when I went on a rare trip abroad I took a week until I was persuaded to wear a sarong and bare my legs to the sun. Thanks to a brave young women who also had psoriasis and had the guts to not care about the stares and whispered comments, I eventually braved my worst nightmare. It only took me 25 yrs but it was liberating and I swore to myself I would learn to live with it!

I’d stopped using the steroid creams and I gave up on going to the Dr, I had never been referred on so what was the point? So after 37 years of being a psoriasis sufferer I didn’t expect to be psoriasis free. But, and here’s the best bit; as part of a Natural Skincare business we had lots of topical solutions, really effective and all very safe but nothing for psoriasis, which got me thinking WHAT IF….

If you’ve seen the video, I can reveal, those are my (hairy) legs! I was our guinea pig and even though it was going to be our product I had no expectations past some light relief. Amazingly, I started to see results fairly quickly and by month 3 it was gone, leaving me with the inevitable scars (white patches) but nothing that a little fake tan can’t handle. I also started to use our  TrèsN Stretch Mark & Scar Cream to rid me of the tell tale signs and 2 years later my skin is psoriasis free, except for knuckles, which I never treat, just so I can prove I still have psoriasis and that it’s now controlled. Now I only apply our  TrèsN Psoriasis Cream when I see a patch of skin starting to flare up; today I can wear shorts, skirts with 15 denier tights or bare legs, my arms are clear and my confidence is sky high. I am getting on now at 56 but our  TrèsN Anti-Aging formulas are helping me to look better than I should at my age so I’m a happy TrèsNaturel convert!

Check out my video on YOU TUBE and let me now how you’ve coped with your psoriasis.

27. April 2017 by TrèsNaturel Jayne
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What Are Parabens?

The use of Parabens is simple, they are a preventative measure (a preservative) and since the 1950’s have been added to a wide range of cosmetics to prevent the growth of bacteria. The use of this type of chemical increased due to the effectiveness and also because it was inexpensive to use.Although Parabens continued to be used for many years without providing any cause for alarm, the cosmetics industry started to select different ingredients to add to the products and many variants can been seen on common skin and hair care products, in fact most of our makeup, bath washes, soaps and lotions are preserved by these methods. Many of these you will see on labels and are identified by their names such as butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben, the giveaway is the word ‘paraben’.

More recently there has been growing concerns over the use of such chemicals, which, according to research are to be found in our bodies after continued use. During the 1990’s it was discovered that Parabens where xenoestrogens, therefore mimicking estrogen, a natural hormone which the body produces  and with the rise of estrogen imbalance being linked to reproductive problems and indeed breast cancer this finding was to change the way many consumers chose their self care  products.

The finding  in 2004 by Philippa Darbre, Ph.D., a British cancer researcher of  parabens  in malignant breast tumours of cancer patients caused most concern, however the study was said to be incomplete as the failure to test healthy tissue under the same conditions cast doubt on the conclusiveness of the research. So whether Parabens increase the risk is still unclear. What is certain is that many of the leaders in the cosmetic industry have started to wholeheartedly produce products that are labelled as ‘Paraben Free’, although still containing many other chemicals it goes someway to expel fears amongst consumers.

Interestingly, experts have continued to recommend the reduction of Paraben levels in the manufacture of all cosmetic products, which speaks volumes. Let’s be clear; if the body stores these chemicals then any perceived risk is increased and once again the consumer is left to wonder how safe they really are.
Although still considered safe at ‘low levels’, we the consumer must decide if the risk is worth taking and even in Paraben Free products, whether the use of other chemicals will later prove a health risk.
With the rise in cancers and the advice given by the charities to use alternative products, there has been a greater return to nature, with many organic natural products becoming available. This has to be positive and one trend that will presumably grow, giving the consumer more choice and more affordable alternatives to the brands that we have become so accustomed to.

I for one have seen the increase in baby products using only natural and organic ingredients. But if we care enough to make changes for the next generation, shouldn’t we also be taking care not to burden them with our health issues and start to look to the future with renewed optimism with our own organic and natural skin care regimes, after all children are led by example.

NB The Shelf life of Unpreserved Cosmetics.
It is the use of water within many products that requires the use of preservatives, however by selecting products that are used daily there is no risk to the user. Creams and lotions that last longer should be packaged in Airless Pump systems as these prolong the products shelf life and retains its integrity. Therefore, when choosing your products keep these two simple rules in mind and you will have no problem with your organic and natural cosmetic products.


27. April 2017 by TrèsNaturel Jayne
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